Jimi Hendrix – A Tragic Death of a Legend

The American rock band guitarist Jimi Hendrix was a legend in his time. He was born in 1942 in Seattle and grew up to be known as one of the best electric guitarists in the history of music. Unfortunately, he suffered from a lot of inner daemons which lead him to dabble in various drugs that eventually lead to his death. If he had not passed away suddenly at the age of 27, joining the Forever-27 club, Jimi Hendrix’s career could’ve grown even further and been even more influential than he was at his year of death in 1970.

Awards and Accomplishments
Jimi Hendrix began his guitarist career at the young age of 15 by purchasing a cheap acoustic guitar for $5. He became well versed in the guitar and continued to thrive significantly. This lead to his father bought him his first electric guitar. With this, he became a legend. Jimi Hendrix and his electric guitar capabilities became known worldwide and was addressed as the best electric guitarist of his time. Before his death, he did not receive any significant awards, but after his death, they rolled in. Hendrix was awarded the Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as inductions in halls of fame. Unfortunately, Hendrix was not able to acknowledge all of the awards he received, but he knew he had a great following.

The beginning of Drug Use
Jimi Hendrix had a slightly troublesome childhood and young adulthood. He was a child of divorced parents, and this significantly affected him throughout his life. Hendrix had an attendance issue and did not complete high school because of his desire to pursue his career. When he was 17, he dropped out and joined the army so he wouldn’t be charged for riding in multiple stolen cars. After the military, he pursued his music career and started taking sleeping pills, cocaine, LSD, and alcohol. As he had a difficult history, he hid behind his drugs which unfortunately lead to an end of his life and career.

How Drugs Changed Him
The use of drugs can change any individual. Jimi Hendrix was one of the people suffering internally and hiding their true emotions behind drugs and alcohol. Hendrix was known to abuse alcohol significantly. His alcohol use led to him being exceedingly careless and has been reported to hand out money and even become violent when he was drunk. Additionally, he frequently mixed alcohol with other substances like marijuana, LSD, various other hallucinogens, and sleeping pills and downers. This combination led him to have many mental problems and issues that caused mild psychosis. He was continuously spiraling downhill until it came to an end.

An Unexpected Death
Jimi Hendrix’s death was thought to be caused by a combination of alcohol and sleeping pills while he was on tour in the United Kingdom. His death shows people that it is best to deal with any lingering issues before they get out of hand and spiral out of control. Jimi Hendrix is a legend who will always be remembered and regarded as one of the best guitarists in the world but was unfortunately overcome by various emotional and psychological problems.