Jim Morrison – The Rockstar Poet That Rebelled

Jim M.

James Morrison, better known as Jim, was an American singer, songwriter, and poet. He was best known for being the frontman of a band called The Doors. Jim stood out because of his poetic lyrics, his crazy personality, entertaining performances, and of course, his distinctive singing voice.

Morrison died on July 3, 1971, due to congestive heart failure sudden death. His sudden death shocked not only his bandmates but also tens of thousands of fans around the world. To this day, he’s considered one of the most iconic and unique frontmen in rock and roll history.

Jim Morrison was in Paris in March 1971, where he would spend a lot of time in an apartment that his friend Pamela Courson rented for him. Around this time, his appearance started to change a bit. He got rid of his facial hair and lasted quite a bit of weight.

Jim Morrison is one of the most famous people in the 27 club. The Forever 27 club is a club that showcases celebrities that died at the age of 27. 

Morrison’s body was found by Pamela in the bathtub at the apartment she rented for him. Because French law does not require one, there was no autopsy performed for his death.

You can find him buried at a cemetery by the name of Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. The gravesite had no marker, but eventually, French officials put a shield over his grave. This shield was stolen in 1973.

Fans show their love for Morrison and his gravesite by placing portraits of him, memorabilia, and flowers. There is also a memorial for him that you can find in Germany that has a portrait of him encased in glass on a stone pillar with a beautiful red poppy seed plant at the foot of the pillar. 

The band, The Doors, try to continue without Morrison after his death. They released a trio of albums that did have a top 40 hit called “Other Voices”. They also released American Prayer, which had recorded audio of Morrison reciting poetry. Both of these went platinum in 1978, 17 years after Morrison‘s death. 

Eventually, Jim Morrison‘s death was assumed to be the cause of acute heroin overdose. Unfortunately, addiction is something that takes many lives far too soon, including Morrison’s. 

After his death, something peculiar happened. There was a notebook of Jim’s that was recovered called The Paris Journal. This journal was filled with poems, stories, and personal details of Jim Morrison‘s life. 

In addition to The Paris Journal, another interesting item was found of his. A box that is now known as the 127 Fascination Box Was filmed with personal belongings, including a home videotape that Morrison filmed himself. There were also old notebooks filled with his poetry also found in the box.

To this day, Morrison is still known for being a rebel and an incredible musician. Though Jim Morrison died way too early, his legacy in the music industry will never die.