Kurt Cobain – A Music Legend Gone Too Soon

Kurt Cobain was the guitarist and singer for cult-band Nirvana, and his music and lyrics have been sung throughout the years touching the hearts of many. He is one of the better known famous people who committed suicide. He is an icon for many people due to his skill and talent in rock and roll.

Cobain died April 4, 1994, after just 27 years of his wild ride of life. It is long known that he suffered from emotional pain, as a lot of the artistic types of people do. His music resonates with so many still today partly because of his tragic ending, which leads a whole sorrowful and passionate undertone to his music.

Just because someone is famous or a celebrity doesn’t mean their life is perfect, far from it. In fact, the pressure of fame and fortune and the expectations of others can lead many down dark paths. You’re just expected to be happy and alright no matter how you feel inside.

For Cobain, he was a bit of a tortured soul. He was well known to suffer from a heroin addiction which many people fall into to try and escape reality. The perfect shell he presented to the world as a fun loving rock star was just hiding the broken parts of him that he tried so hard to hold together for his family and fans.

Depression can strike anyone, even those who smile and laugh all the time. Those we least suspect can have the darkest of emotions.

Cobain is a part of the famous Forever 27 Club. Quite a few iconic celebrities and musicians died tragically in the prime of their lives, and it struck a lot of people as a strange coincidence that they seemed to die at the same age.

Born in Washington state, Cobain was interested in music from the get go according to his family. That’s not surprising considering how dedicated to his music he always was. After his parent’s divorce, he started to pull back into himself, becoming angry and sullen and having a bit more of a rough childhood.

He did not like his father’s new wife or his mother’s abusive partner. He was witness to much that he shouldn’t have been at a young age.

When Cobain labored over his music to him, the music came first, and the lyrics came second. The melodies were the total control of the song and were the most important part to feel in and connect to the listener. He used a lot of his life experiences within his songs and incorporated real emotions and people into them.

His whole life can be written out in the songs he wrote and performed.

About a month before his death Cobain overdosed on champagne and Rohypnol, a common date rape drug that works as an extreme sedative. He exhibited common drug overdose symptoms and was taken to the hospital where he recovered.

He was suicidal consistently for the next month or so before he took his own life with a single gunshot wound to the head. He wrote a note stating that he had not found joy in his music in many years, and so comes the tragic end of an exemplary man.